Democrats are Winning on Healthcare, Says Charles Krauthammer

From Newsmax:

Columnist, author and Fox News political commentator Charles Krauthammer predicted Thursday “within a few years,” the United States will have a single-payer healthcare system because most Americans now believe in “universal converge.”

In remarks on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” after the House passed a GOP healthcare bill, Krauthammer said Republicans “are beginning to understand is how the fundamental view of healthcare among the American people has changed.”

“Obamacare is a disaster,” he said, but “people’s expectations have changed.”

“You watched the debate over the last three months. What are the grounds? They are liberal grounds,” he said, adding: “It is showing that the people is at a point where I think it believes in universal coverage. Once you are there, the ground is shifted.”

Krauthammer then laid out the reason he believes the nation is headed toward a single-payer system.

“I think that’s where it’s going,” he said. “Whether it will end up single payer, the Canadian system or not, I am not sure. I will guarantee you this: Within a few years, there won’t be an argument about whether government has an obligation to ensure that everybody gets health coverage.

“That is with the Democrats wanted all along. They weren’t quite ready to pull the trigger in 2010. So, they ended up with this hybrid system, this rickety system. . . . The idea, I think, has now sunk in.”