College Feminists Sue School for Not Protecting Them from Mean Comments Online

If this is not the perfect example of pathetic little college Snowflakes, then I don’t know what is.

A group of feminist (pardon me while I laugh) students are suing the University of Mary Washington because some people posted mean comments online that offended their delicate sensibilities. So upset were they from being exposed to such filth that they almost didn’t go out one Saturday night to get stumbling drunk and have sex with strangers. But alas, they soldiered on. Good for you, little troopers!

From Breitbart:

A feminist student group at the University of Mary Washington has filed a Title IX lawsuit against the institution for failing to protect them from mean comments on the internet.

Feminists United, a student group at the University of Mary Washington, has claimed in a recently filed lawsuit that the administration failed to protect them from posts made on the anonymous social media app, Yik Yak.

The suit alleges that the university failed to protect the students by refusing to ban access to the app via the university’s wifi system. The complaint ignores the reality that most students have access to the app via LTE internet service on their cellular devices, which would render a ban on the university’s wifi system almost worthless.

The students claim that the university’s decision to allow students to access the app via the school’s wifi network fostered a hostile environment in which the students were subjected to “overtly and/or sexist/threatening” anonymous messages.

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