Race-Baiting Congressman Upset Over Coverage of Illegal Aliens

One of the most despicable members of Congress, Luis Gutierrez, is very upset over Breitbart’s coverage of the problem of illegal immigration and Muslim “refugees.” He made his pathetic comments about this, as well as his hatred for President Trump, during a recent commencement address at Cambridge College.

From Breitbart:

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) whined about Breitbart News’ coverage of illegal immigrants and Muslim refugees during his recent commencement address at Cambridge College.

“Breitbart and Fox News didn’t invent their opinions on Mexicans and Central Americans or Muslims,” he claimed the day after the London Bridge terror attacks. “They’re just recycling them.”

He told Cambridge College’s graduates, “I say lift the Muslim ban and tell the Supreme Court to say it’s unconstitutional and un-American.”

Gutierrez called President Donald Trump an “unqualified game show host” and said he saw “in our country great hope and great enthusiasm for resistance against Trump’s America and what it stands for.”

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