An Investigation Or a Witch Hunt?

There has been a lot of criticism of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. It began when we learned that he and former FBI Director James Comey are very close personal friends. Since Comey’s testimony, and obvious hatred for President Trump, are a central part of any investigation, there is legitimate concern about whether Mueller can fairly and objectively weigh the evidence.

Concern about Mueller was deepened after it was revealed that he is packing his staff with Democrat lawyers who donated money to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. How can Hillary supporters fairly investigate the man who defeated her?

I share both of these concerns. They are indeed troubling. There is a strong case to be made that Robert Mueller should do the honorable thing, and step down. At best, he has a conflict of interest. At worst, he views it as his mission to take down President Trump – not simply to investigate and go where the facts lead.

In my opinion, this investigation should be terminated immediately. Its purpose is ostensibly to investigate alleged collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign to interfere with the 2016 election. We have since learned that there has never been any evidence to support this allegation, and that the appointment of a Special Counsel was engineered by former FBI Director James Comey – an embittered disgruntled employee who has a personal hatred for President Trump.

If this investigation is to proceed, which it almost certainly will, then we need to have confidence that it produces an accurate, and unbiased, report of the facts. If Donald Trump committed crimes, then the American People should be informed so that we may take the appropriate action – impeachment perhaps. We should not tolerate criminality from any President. However, to date there has been absolutely no evidence whatsoever of any crime having been committed by the President. Given that, it appears that this investigation is nothing but a witch hunt. An investigation in search of a crime. An investigation, the singular focus of which appears to be to find something, anything, to use as a basis for the impeachment of President Trump.

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