Universities Pay “Diversity” Officers Average of $175,000 to Constantly Scream RACISM!

In the surreal world of higher education, the main purpose of “diversity” administrators is not to help students, but to constantly accuse people, policies, customs, practices, procedures, traditions, anything and everything of RACISM. If they can find no real incidents of racism on campus, and they usually can’t, then it is their job to find new and creative ways of crying racism. It is a racket. It is sick. It is destructive. It is fundamentally anti-American. Nevertheless, it is standard operating procedure at most colleges and universities in America.

And it pays… WELL!

From Campus Reform:

Records show that America’s flagship universities are doling out an average of $175,088 per year for administrators tasked with leading their diversity efforts.

That’s more than three times the average American household’s annual income, and just about enough to cover the sticker price of out-of-state tuition for six students.

Campus Reform has identified the salaries of the top diversity-related administrators at 43 of America’s 50 flagship universities, with requests for the remaining salaries still pending.

In at least two cases—the University of Tennessee (UT) and the University of Maine—there exists no official diversity officer or senior-ranking administrator responsible for overseeing such initiatives (UT operated its diversity department with student volunteers for an entire year after state lawmakers temporarily forbade it from spending money on diversity-related activities), and Campus Reform could not obtain records from the University of Pennsylvania due to the absence of a state open records act, leaving only five schools outstanding.

On average, each administrative position, generally identified as some variation of a chancellor, provost, or dean, earns $175,088—though at least 15 such officials earn well over $200,000 annually, including two administrators who earn more than $300,000 annually.

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