Martin Sheen Calls America “Land of Lunatics”

Forget calling America land of the free. According to Hollywood icon and actor Martin Sheen, America is the “land of lunatics.”

During a press briefing on Monday for PBS’s newest season of Anne of Green Gables, Sheen told reporters at the Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills that he was “relieved” to film in Canada.

According to Deadline, a reporter asked the 76-year-old Sheen “In that context, it did not sound entirely unreasonable when one TV critic told Sheen, “as former President of the United States, you set a high standard for the office,” adding, “I can’t let this go by without asking if you would like to say a few words about the current president.”

Sheen, being one of the most liberal of Hollywood actors, responded: “We were doing so well without any mention of that dark force…So let’s leave it right there where it belongs. I don’t want to give him any more air time than we have to.”

Asked about filming the PBS show in Ontario, Canada, Sheen that he was “always delighted….so relieved to leave The Land of Lunatics.”

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