Tucker Carlson Battles Fascist Democrat Attorney Brian Claypool

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson angrily called out “fascists” who try to get people in trouble or fired for expressing viewpoints that they disagree with during his show Friday night.

Carlson’s ire was directed at Lena Dunham, who contacted American Airlines on Twitter after overhearing two of their employees engage in “transphobic” conversation, and a civil rights attorney who appeared on Carlson’s show to defend Dunham’s actions.

Brian Claypool, the attorney, argued that American Airlines should discipline its employees for being “transphobic” because their behavior was “discriminating” against transgendered people.

Carlson tore into Claypool’s argument, calling him a “fascist” for believing that people should be punished for expressing different viewpoints in private conversations.

“These are two people talking to each other in private,” The Daily Caller founder asserted. “This is an opinion, and I grew up in a country where you can have opinions that maybe you didn’t agree with but I can still not be punished for that.”

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