Student Government Gives Special Perks to Illegal Aliens – Makes Other Students Pay for It!

All Pomona College students pay $355 a year to fund the student government and its programs.

But only a few favored categories of student will enjoy the benefits of those fees when it comes to a new “airport rideshare” program for freshmen and transfer students.

Associated Students of Pomona College wrote on Facebook Saturday that free rides from the airport to campus around move-in day would be limited to students who are in the country illegally and those shielded from deportation under the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

The program also covers “low-income, first-generation … mixed (immigration) status family, and/or ‘non-traditional’ family structure backgrounds.” It does not define what “non-traditional” means, but the term has often been applied to children raised by homosexual couples. (International students are covered by a different program.)

“Please respect this and your future classmates’ needs and experiences,” the post reads, promising that “all students” will receive the free rideshares their mandatory fees paid for at some point in the future. Pomona is a member of California’s private Claremont University Consortium.

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