Flake Senator Pushing Massive Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

On Monday, Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake appeared on CNN, where he told anchor Wolf Blitzer that he is “concerned lately [by the] populism” that helped propel President Donald Trump to the White House, as well as the administration’s tough stance on immigration.

Senator Flake has been making the rounds on cable news and talk shows, ripping Trump while promoting his new book Conscience Of A Conservative, a title ripped from 1964 GOP presidential candidate Barry Goldwater’s book of the same name.

Flake opined that Trump is taking the Republican Party in the wrong direction and that the GOP should be the “more welcoming party” when it comes to illegal immigration.

Blitzer asked, “Has your party left you?”

Flake, who has been a darling of the media thanks in part to his Trump-bashing, assured Blitzer that he is still a committed Republican, but that the White House policies are “not a real governing philosophy.”

Flake also proudly stated that he embraces the idea of globalism, saying, “We have globalized as a world. Certainly it’s happened, and the question is, do we latch onto it and harness it, or are we left behind by it?”

He took a swipe at the proposed immigration reform bill known as the RAISE Act.

“The immigration package put forward last week I think is in the wrong direction,” he said. “… cutting legal immigration in half is not the right direction we need to go as a country.”

Flake also commented on the failed GOP “autopsy” report, following the loss of former Gov. Mitt Romney in the 2012 election against President Barack Hussein Obama, which blamed the loss on the Republican stance on immigration.

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