Married Mother Gets Prison for Sex With Teenage Boys

A 38-year-old married Michigan mother of two was sentenced to up to 15 years in prison for sleeping with two teenage boys.

Brooke Lajiness reportedly utilized the popular social media app Snapchat to tempt and lure the boys with nude and seductive sexual photos of herself. She confessed to having sexual relations with the boys aged 14 and 15. She also reportedly had an affair with a third male who is not a minor, and no charges were expected for that interaction.

Lajiness would arrive at the boys’ parent’s house late at night. The boys would quietly slip outside, get into her car, and engage in sexual activities with the woman who was more than 20 years their senior.

MLive reports the outcome of her case, in Washtenaw County Trial Court, sees Judge David Swartz sentence Lajiness to four years and nine months, up to 15 years, for her guilty plea on multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct. Assistant Washtenaw County Prosecutor John Vella requested the maximum of 98 months to 15 years and claimed she was predatory towards the boys. Judge Swartz disagreed. He proceed his sentencing based on a clean record and potential for therapy to address the mental state of the defendant and her case of insomnia.

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