Texas A&M Held Rape Hearing While Accused Student Was in the Hospital Unable to Defend Himself

A Texas A&M University cadet says he was suspended following sexual misconduct charges he never got to see — because he was hospitalized.

A federal lawsuit claims “John Doe” was unable to “meaningfully defend himself” when Title IX investigators refused to reschedule a conduct meeting that would have revealed the specific accusations of his partner, with whom he had an open sexual relationship.

The university’s treatment of his accuser, even during an investigation into her own alleged sexual misconduct, shows “anti-male” discrimination in Title IX enforcement at work, his attorneys believe.

“At all times, John Doe was deemed guilty,” says the suit, filed in federal court in Houston. “This extreme and severe sanction was not warranted in light of the lack of evidence.”

The suit is not the first to look into TAMU’s alleged anti-male climate in sexual assault investigations.

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