Kid Rock Tells Media “Go F#ck Yourselves!”

Kid Rock has hit back at ‘fake news’ accusations that he was violating election law for not registering his candidacy or reporting campaign donations in his run for senator.

The musician, who was born Robert Ritchie and lives near Detroit, claims the press is ‘misinformed’ because he has not officially announced his candidacy, he said Friday.

The violation reports emerged after a watchdog group filed a complaint against him for allegedly not complying with candidate filing requirements.

Ritchie, 46, bluntly said to those who said he was in violation to ‘go f**k yourselves’ before wishing ‘everyone else’ to have a great Labor Day.

The dispute was started after Ritchie, who promised to make a ‘major announcement in the near future’, hinted at a run on his US Senate website and Twitter.

The group that filed the complaint with the Federal Election Commission was Common Cause, and they asked for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the matter, the Detroit Free Press reported.

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