More Leftist College RACISM

As I often inform my readers, most (and I do mean most) college campuses in this country have become cesspools of anti-White racism. People need to wake up and pay attention. Watch this video of racist students at Evergreen State University. As you watch, keep in mind that these students are indoctrinated into this type of mindset by the very Continue reading More Leftist College RACISM

Racist, Anti-White Propaganda at University of Minnesota

This is typical of what happens across the country on college campuses. From Campus Reform: A display in a University of Minnesota residence hall provides an 11-point “checklist” to help students identify their “white privilege.” The “White Privilege Checklist,” found hanging in Mark G. Yudof Hall and photographed by a current student, features 11 statements that ostensibly apply exclusively to Continue reading Racist, Anti-White Propaganda at University of Minnesota